About Us

Takeon was established in 2006, as a Canadian company we pride ourselves to ensure we have world class customer service, while ensuring you that you are receiving your communications needs at the best possible value. As a Canadian base company we provide services in the global market, while we understand that our core roots began in local cities such as Vancouver, Campbell River, and Cardston Alberta


Takeon ensures that we are partners with the best possible providers with in our client’s local geography. We understand that people have relationships with people and people interact with people this is why we have local representation in your area. Each of our partners is backed by heads office for a stronger support, education, and training. We believe this one – two combination of local and regional service is preferred by our growing customer base.


Our clients demand value and service. Weather you reside in rural Canada, live in one of Canada’s large metropolis, or your a jet setter we are able to offer a unique product offering for you. Our clients may reside in your neighborhood, while a majority of them are able to utilize our services globally. Our clients enjoy the fact that we are a Canadian Company that employees Canadians. We will never loose site that we are a great company as we have a dedicated client base.

Mailing Address

Takeon Communications Inc
200-4170 Still Creek
Burnaby, BC
V5C 6C6

Contact Numbers:
Office: 604 435 7922
Toll Free 1.888.582.5366
or: 1.888.5-takeon

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